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*Terms of Service*


A deposit is required to reserve a puppy from a future planned litter or a puppy that is already on the ground. All deposits are $250-$350 minimum and are non-refundable! We require a $350-$500 deposit to secure 1st Pick if it is available at that time. The price of the deposit depends on the content of the pup you wish to reserve. The deposit amount is applied to the total cost of your puppy.

You are a resident of a Wolf Hybrid legal area! We will not sell a puppy to a resident of an illegal state. There are states where hybrids are 100% illegal, other states they are 100% legal, and some states they are legal BUT you might have to meet certain criteria or obtain a permit. This being said PLEASE contact you authorities for conformation, if you are having trouble locating this information contact us and we will do our best to find an answer for you.

All deposits are non-refundable (non-refundable- not subject to refunding or being refunded.) unless a litter is cancelled. 

A cancelled litter means that we did not allow a pair to breed, this will only happen if it is advised by our vet to not breed due to health concerns. 

That being said...

If parents are bred and pups are either not produced or not enough pups are produced you will be moved to a following litter.

If parents are bred and you don't "like" any of the pups, you will be moved to a following litter. 

If something happens to you personally and you cannot take a pup at that given time you will be moved to a following litter. 

You cannot demand a deposit back because the color you wanted was not produced, we do inform buyers of the color of puppies that we EXPECT from each breeding, however we do not guarantee the color of puppies that will be produced, no one can control nature. 

Once you have placed a deposit you cannot demand it back because you have changed your mind.

You cannot demand a deposit because you feel you have been waiting too long. We try to give our buyers a general idea of when the puppies should be born, however this is something we simply cannot control and sometimes the females do not cycle when we expect them to, It will happen we just all have to be patient!  


The remainder of the purchase price of your puppy is due by the time the puppy is 6 weeks old at the latest!!! We prefer puppies are paid for by 4 weeks of age, this ensures us you are getting your puppy, and if for some reason you can not then it allows us some time to find the puppy another home. 

You can pay your balance in full or opt for a payment plan.

Our Payment Plans are very flexible, everyone has different incomes/budgeting skills and therefore we do not require a set amount/due date. It is basically just something for your convenience. You can choose to pay an amount of your choice weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Please consult with us about what works best for you, as long as the puppy is paid for in full by 6 weeks old we are very easy to work with!!!


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