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Price List 

Low Content Puppies
$1000-$3000 Pet Home
Mid & Upper Mid Content Puppies
$1800-$3000 Pet Home
*Call for breeding rights price*

Return Policy

We care about each and every one of our puppies, so we have implemented a return policy.

After purchasing a puppy from us, if at any time you can no longer keep your puppy you must contact us and return the puppy/adult dog. Understand that WE WILL NOT refund your purchase price. We will screen prospective new homes, if an adoption fee is obtained we will possibly refund some of that amount to you depending upon each individual situation. If you have a person who is wanting your puppy/dog, they must first complete our application process and be approved before obtaining the animal. We do reserve the right to refuse a home that we deem to be unfit for ownership.

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