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Frequently asked questions

There is a lot of information to consider before you welcome a hybrid puppy into your home. We try to make sure that our buyers are properly informed. Below are some of our most common questions that we get in reference towards life with a hybrid and the care they require. We offer Lifetime Breeder Support for our puppy owners so you are welcome to contact us if you ever have any questions! 

Q: What is a Wolf Hybrid exactly? Is it a full wolf? 

A: A Wolf Hybrid is the product of a breeding between a wolf and a domestic dog, a wolf hybrid and a wolf hybrid or a wolf hybrid and a domestic dog. That being said they are NOT pure wolf, pure wolves are illegal to own without a permit, and these permits are not easily obtained.

Q: What breeds of dogs are used to create hybrids?

A: The most common dog breeds that have been used are German Shepherd's, Alaskan Malamute's and Siberian Husky's. There is other breeds that have been used also, but these are the main ones. 

Q: Do Wolf Hybrids act like a normal dog?

A: Absolutely not, hybrids require time, dedication and a lot of socialization. They are not the kind of animal you can leave on a chain in your backyard and only walk outside to dump some food to it. They need a lot of stimulation, hybrids are highly intelligent and they get bored with situations much faster than normal dogs. They need owners who are willing and able to spend a lot of time with them throughout their entire lives. Wolfdogs are also notorious escape artists, and they require special containment which can be very costly to their owners, so those prices are also something to prepare for when deciding on a hybrid. Since they are a high energy breed they also require alot of frequent exercise. 

Q: Are they easy to train?

A: Nope, they are not. They can be stubborn when it comes to doing things they don't want to do or not doing something that they really want to do!!! This is why I encourage my owners to start training at an early age and don't stop. Too often people will allow a young puppy to get their way all the time and do whatever they want, this is all fine until that puppy turns into a 80lb plus wolf hybrid that is jumping all over you, good luck training them at that point! If you are dedicated and consistent they can be wonderful companions.

Q: Are they mean?

A: This question stems from the common misconception of a "big bad wolf". Wolf hybrids are NOT naturally mean. Like any animal if they are mistreated aggressive behaviors can arise, in the case of wolfdogs these behaviors would actually be stemmed from them being fearful, but it is all in how they are raised and another reason why socialization is so important.

Q: What is "socialization" and how important is that for my hybrid pup?

A: Socialization is KEY to having a well rounded, friendly and loving companion. When we tell our buyers to be sure to socialize their puppies, we mean to take them places, allow them to meet as many people as you can, introduce them to new animals, sounds, and different situations that they might not encounter in their day to day lives. Socialization is something that must be done as a puppy and continued through their entire lives. It must be started immediately, the older your hybrid gets, the harder it will be to retrain their natural instincts which is basically to be scared of pretty much everything! 

Q: What is the difference in a " Low Content", "Mid Content", and "High Content"?

A: A lot, there is a huge difference in each content level. When you hear someone discussing the content of a hybrid they are referring to the amount of wolf DNA vs dog DNA. Low contents are usually classified as less than 49% Gray Wolf. Low contents are best for people who have never owned a Wolfdog, they tend to be easier trained and more adaptable to new situations, that being said they are still very different from a regular dog. Mid contents are usually classified as 50%-74% Gray Wolf. Mid content hybrids have a lot more wolf characteristics and personality traits than low contents. Mid contents still make great family pets, but they do require a owner who has previous experience with at least low contents. Upper Mid Contents range from 75%-84% and High contents are usually classified as 85% Gray Wolf and higher.  These animals require someone with previous experience in dealing with at least mid content wolfdogs. They are timid if not socialized, almost always destructive if left alone, very high energy and will need a dedicated, determined, and patient owner. High contents will also need extreme escape proof containment.

Q: Do they make good guard dogs?

A: Not at all, wolfdogs are usually very timid and their first instinct when they see danger is to RUN! So they are not going to be a guard dog, however most people don't know this, so I doubt many people will attempt to bother you with a hybrid at your side...they can at least look intimidating. 

Q: Do they require a different type of food?

A: In my opinion, yes. There are some wolfdogs who do fine on any kind of dog food and others that require a certain kind of kibble or a raw diet. Wolfdogs tend to have sensitive stomachs, so you have to see what works best for them as each one is a little bit different.  

Q: Are Wolf Hybrids legal to own?

A: In the U.S. this varies state to state. Some states they are 100% legal, others they are 100% illegal and there are some states that they are legal BUT you must acquire a permit to legally own one. The laws in each state can also vary by county/city, so if you have decided to purchase a hybrid, no matter who you buy from, MAKE SURE to check your State, County and City laws, this is for your hybrids protection. 

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