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Petrova is a Upper Mid Content, who has been Embarked at 80%! She is a very sweet and social girl that we are blessed to have! She is right around 65lbs. We will be pairing her to Adonis for some stunning Mid/Upper Mid Content puppies in 2022!!!



Aranea is one gorgeous girl! She has been Embark tested and is 54% Gray Wolf with the rest being GSD,Malamute and Siberian Husky. Aranea is a BIG girl and comes from some very big bodied lineage. She is also one of my most friendly and outgoing dogs, she has NEVER met a stranger and has an amazing personality. 




Nyx is a beautiful low content, with the sweetest personality! She has been Embarked at 31%!!! She is a stunning Blue wooly and we are very blessed to have her as an addition to the pack! She is around 60lbs and will have us some beautiful blue puppies in 2022!!!


Willow is a beautiful purebred Liver Wooly Siberian Husky! She is extremely sweet and has the most stunning blue eyes you will ever see! We are so excited to see her puppies with Ragnar in the fall of 2022!


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